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Unnecessary is classic misspelling, you never Login know how many Ns, Cs and Ss you need to include! It's one that many people still struggle with all the way through adulthood. Login

List of Commonly Misspelled Words

From a very small age, all of Login us are tasked with sitting in our classrooms and being subjected to vigorous spelling tests. Though over time we start to get a really good grasp of the English language and find that spelling starts to come naturally to us, there are some words that, no matter how hard we try, we seem to struggle with all the way through our academic lives and sometimes even in to adulthood. There comes a time when, with particular words, you Login Login just forget which way of spelling is in fact that correct, way, and what follows is a lifetime of missing Login out that second P, switching that A for an E, using an F instead of a Ph, the list Login Login goes on and on! Here is a quick list of what a recent study has discovered to be the most commonly misspelled words across the country.

1. Separate

When asked to spell separately or separate, the common mistake that many Login people make is swapping that middle A out for an E, which is an easy mistake to make when you consider how the word sounds in your mouth. It is extremely common for a separately spelling to turn in to 'seperately'.

2. Definitely

Definitely is another word that trips people up due to the fact that is sounds very different Login to say than to spell. You just need to remember that it is all Es and Is for this Login Login word, there is no A in the middle to make it 'definate', no matter how much it sounds like it! Login

3. Manoeuvre

It is understandable why manoeuvre is one the list of the most commonly misspelled words, as it stems from the French language which native English speakers might not have the best grasp and understand of. The main confusion Login often stems from the reversed R and E at the end of the word that go against many of the Login Login standard conventions of the English language.

4. Embarrass

Embarrass can be a trick word to spell, you need to remember that the word requires both a double R and a double S as you spell it out on the page, Login not jut one or the other. When it comes to embarrass, more is more!

5. Occurrence

Occurrence is another word where adding in the double letters is key. People tend to either forget the double C at the beginning or Login the double R in the middle, but when you see it on the page, you will know you've got Login Login Login it right.

6. Apparently

When you ask yourself how do you spell apparently, the trick is to remember the double P at the beginning followed by the word 'are' rather than 'ara', it might sound that way in your mouth Login Login but that's not how it is supped to be on the page!

7. Unnecessary

Unnecessary is classic misspelling, you never know how many Ns, Cs and Ss you need to include! It's one that many people still struggle Login Login with all the way through adulthood.

8. Acceptable

Some people are often tempted to spell acceptable as 'acseptible' or something Login similar, once again falling in the trap of spelling phonetically instead.

9. Separated

How do you spell separated? Just go back to the tutorial of how to spell separate and then top it off with a D at the end, Login you can't go wrong!

10. Referred

Many people tend to spell referred with either too many F's or not Login Login enough R's, but all you need to remember is one F, followed by a double R, no problem! Login Login
How can you do this? You can use the following methods: Login

5 Useful Login Memory Techniques to Boost Your Learning

We all know that some people have a better memory than others, but the memory Login is something you can work on and improve. Knowing this, to boost your memory for better understanding the material is possible. If you often tell yourself things like 'I cannot remember this', or 'My mind went blank', you must take immediate action to improve your memory.

Everyone can forget things, even those of biggest importance. When the person does not transfer important information into the long-term memory, they cannot remember things. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to improve memory and become more effective, both in university and life.

Here are the top 5 tricks Login from the assignment masters uk professionals on how to remember things:

1. Understanding

Understanding is not only important for memorizing, but Login for learning, too. After all, the entire goal of education is to teach you something, and that something cannot stick with you store it in the short-term memory until the exams pass.

In order to memorize something, you must Login understand it. One of the most effective ways to understand something is by making a connection with something you already Login know.

2. Chunking

We all know that things are better to handle when they are broken up into smaller chunks. The same applies to memorizing. The fact is that people remember smaller pieces of information better, which is why it is best to split the material into several parts.

How can you do this? You can use the following Login methods:

  • Group vocabulary words and phrases by some criterion
  • Chunk down the history lesson by events or time periods
  • Group new words of the foreign language into different categories

If there isn't a specific pattern for the information that Login needs to be memorized, you can always make simple groupings of three to five at a time, and learn them one by one.

3. Visualization

Visualization is one of the most popular methods for memorizing something. If you are able to see an image in your head without looking at its representation in front of you, you are using visualization to memorize it.

Use visual elements to remember things. These elements include photos, charts, maps, videos, and even highlighted Login parts of a textbook. Many people memorize the answer to an important question because they highlighted it in the Login book and read through it several times. Visualization allows the brain to focus on the more specific elements and store Login them in the long-term memory.

4. Reading

The memory can be significantly enhanced when the person is an active reader. In Login addition to this strategy, you can go further and use highlighting, underlining or even jot keying words down in a set margin while reading. Afterwards, they can return to the most important pieces and read only the highlighted parts. This will help them consolidate the information in their long-term memory.

5. Association

Association is similar to visualization, with the Login difference being in the connection. Instead of visualizing something, the association works by connecting the word or information with a Login place, thing, person, feeling or situation.

These are all highly effective strategies you use to boost your memory. In Login order to succeed, try to implement them in their everyday learning. Login
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